About Us

FABINDX| it stand for FABulous INDian eXchange. Fabindx.com is a FREE user site for buying, selling and finding anything near you online. Fabindx.com provides simple, quick and quality platform to buy, sell and exchange used and unused items. It is a place where local community within City, could come together and do trade and exchange their things. On Fabindx.com you can find from mobile to tablet, desktop to laptop, furniture to cloths, toys to pets etc. You can even buy, sell and rent house, plot, offices, apartment etc. You can also get contact details of carpenter to mechanic, plumber to electrician etc. On fabindx.com you can control your buying selling activity yourself. You can even display your ad on your social networking site like facebook, google+, linkedin, Twitter, Pintrest or anywhere and get price of your product. You can easily browse this site in your preferred language.

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